Thank you for taking the time to visit our donation page! We have been diligently working over the past two years to assess and address the needs of LGBTQIA individuals on a global lever. Together we have successfully helped four people into the u.s. seeking Asylum and several members of the glbt community in the prison system reenter into society with great promise of a sustainable future in advocacy and activism through the help they've received from Glitz. Believing all people are people Worth Fighting For Glitz believes in a sustainable future your help and assistance would further this work in building community and creating sustainable housing and restoring are marginalized community and uplifting them to promise and hope and education through guidance and support I ceyenne doroshow thank project prosper for being our fiscal sponsor so you're donations also will  be a tax write-off and will greatly be appreciated by our consumers and our small group of dedicated staff that are dedicated to changing others lives. Glitz just doesn't want to be a mechanism to helping a Community Glitz wants to be a mechanism to create jobs and safe spaces for community the glbtqia and sex workers by building areas of change people can do great things in the future reversing systematic revidism into the prison system.