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Donate to Our Capital Campaign to Help Us Secure Community Property!

Ceyenne Doroshow, Founder and Executive Director of GLITS Inc has recently lost her father who owned land/properties in Macon Georgia, Pine Bush New York, Cragsmoor New York, Dry Branch Georgia, Ozone Park and Selma North Carolina. If she is able to move quickly and file paperwork to become the Executor of his will she and her siblings would like to be able to use these properties as resources to benefit the Trans and Sex Worker Communities.

The potentials for this are amazing! It means we may be able to set up cooperative living communities to have available to community members in need of retreat space to heal after experiencing violence or who are struggling with substance abuse, places to house folks who are leaving incarceration, start self sustaining farming efforts and create long term housing for chronically ill/disabled and aging community members looking for retirement options. 

To make this possible and secure these properties, she needs to be able to cover filing fees for paperwork, legal fees, property taxes, and travel expenses to the various property locations. To help cover these costs we are seeking to raise $8,000. If she is able to claim these properties this could be a huge game changer for our East Coast Communities!