Are you a trans-identified or sex working person in need of services? Please click the button below so we may assist you.

For immediate assistance call:

Toll-free SWOP-USA/GLITS Community Support Line at (877) 776-2004 (ext. 212)



Researchers, reporters, artists & students: please read before contacting us

A note to researchers, students, reporters and artists who are not sex workers:

Thanks for your interest in trans sex work justice. GLITS’ first commitment is to our communities; therefore, we do not involve ourselves in unbalanced stories or projects that portray LGBTQ sex workers only as victims of trafficking or with hostility. Despite your best intentions, such projects could inadvertently harm sex workers and we cannot risk the populations we work in. Because we are a vastly under-resourced organization with limited capacity, if we believe your proposed project is not a mutually beneficial one, we will decline.

In the spirit of allyship, please do some initial self-education about sex work. The research and journalism sex workers have already offered to the world may answer some or most of the questions you have. Within the following sites are extensive resources created by sex workers:

If after your initial homework you have additional questions, please answer the following questions in your inquiry:

1. Describe your project. What is your angle?

2. How have sex workers been involved in the creation of, planning and execution of this project or story?

3. How does this project or story directly benefit sex workers? For example, if this is an academic thesis, research project or speaking engagement request, how will you compensate those involved? Please note we do charge an honorarium starting at $200 for certain engagements.

4. If your project includes long shoots or travel, are you prepared to accommodate meals or the cost of travel?

5. All work on sex workers involves some risk to the sex workers involved. How have you considered these risks and how will you prevent them?

6. Please provide links to your previous work.

If instead of, or in addition to your project you want to contribute to transgender and sex work justice, please feel free to make a tax-deductible donation on our website.

Thank You for your support & understanding,

Gay & Lesbians in a Transgender Society (GLITS)

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