LGBTQIA individuals are incarcerated at a rate three times that of the general U.S population. Shocking still, the disproportinate numbers of black transgender people amongst the currently or formerly incarcerated. The National Transgender Discrimination Survey in 2011 found that 35% of black transgender people have been incarcerated simply due to perceived anti-trans bias, compared to 4% of white respondents. Black transgender people had higher rates of experiences of incarceration in general (47% compared to 12% of white transgender people). It also found that black trans women were sexually assaulted in jail at a rate of 38%, compared to 12% of white trans women prisoners. These statistics are exactly what prompted use here at GLITS to  make re-entry one of our main areas of focus. We offer:

  • Career Trainings/Certifications
  • Housing Referral
  • Clothing Referral
  • TransDignity Post-Release Kit
    • single-use razor and shaving cream
    • mini cosmetic kit
      • Lip moisturizer
      • blue and orange color corrector
      • mix-to-match foundation samples (light, medium, dark)
    • body lotion
    • deodorant
    • moist body towlettes 

International Outreach

Through our association with CenterLink, a national association of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community centers with International affiliations, we are able to create a dialogue with Global LGBTQIA community leaders. With our virtual rolodex of supportive organizations we are able to intercede on the behalf of LGBTQIA asylum seekers.

  • Relocation
  • Asylum Assistance
  • Physical/Mental Health Referrals (including HRT)


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